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JFK & Huét


Huét are a leading advertising agency in NW England with many well known clients.

In advertising they like to look at everything a little differently which can be a challenge to all but the most adept. As a print management company we are well placed to source the huge variety of items that make up a sometimes wacky and amusing campaign. We get asked to source mats that talk, flip out flings, stick bits of roofing material onto a piece of direct mail , stick earplugs onto postcards, you get the picture?

However we also manage complex direct mail campaigns that require us to supply a variety of items by specific dates to numerous locations throughout the UK which link in with TV and media campaigns worth millions of pounds.

Our ability to source the unusual as well as run the logistics of the print end of a marketing campaign demonstrate the versatility and range of skills we offer to our clients.

JFK & ITV Granada

ITV Granada

As a world leader in it’s field ITV Granada attracts some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment. Whilst moving over to a new cheque issuing system they wanted to take the opportunity to improve the security of the cheques they issued.

JFK Associates researched the technical requirements and limitations of the new cheque issuing machine to ensure that the latest security features would be compatible.

Because of the professionalism and knowledge of our personnel we produced a design which met the brief we had been given. We liaised with our printer (APACS Approved) and the Bank on our clients behalf and produced a cheque that meets brand identity requirements, works reliably through the cheque printing equipments and also meets the APACS specifications for clearing banks.

JFK & Everton Football Club

Everton FC

Everton Football Club are one of the leading football club’s in the English Premier Division. They use a very diverse range of print and print related services.

Traditionally a large number of printers were being sourced by each department within the Club. This led to huge fluctuations in terms of the quality of print and service they obtained. In addition it was impossible to maintain the Club’s brand identity consistently. As a result an enormous amount of time was spent throughout the Club trying to source and manage print.

After JFK had completed their  print management consultancy we were able to:

  • Reduce the Club’s spend on print by 28%
  • Strengthen brand identity by ensuring consistency throughout all printed material
  • Control costs and usage of print
  • Erase duplication of effort